I’ve been reading everywhere about Jamaican oil. All things plants
has been my life long fascination. So I decided to investigate it.
What is Jamaican Oil?
Well, it’s a little complicated. You see, there are two types of
Castor oil, one yellow and one black. Cousins so to speak. Yellow
Castor oil is an industrial type cheaper oil that is used in everyday
life. Black Castor oil emotes a deep rich aubergine midnight color
that is the sign of a pure Black Castor oil.
Why the color difference? Huge reason. Black Castor oil is extracted
using a totally different and rare method of ancient extraction. The
Castor seeds see roasted, ground, slow boiled over very low controlled
flame. This process yields a pure rich oil teeming with powerful
phyto-botanicals, that perhaps may be close to the Black Seed in
pharmacological activity.
Botanical Background
Ricinus cmmunis L. (Castor oil plant) is an important medicinal plant
belonging to family Euphorbiaceae.
Studies (medical & biochemical) show:
The compounds have been reported to exhibit anticonceptive,
antidiabetic, antifertility, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial,
antioxidant, hepatoprotective, insecticidal and wound-healing
They also showed free radical scavenging and Hg scavenging activities,
and repellent properties. Various parts of R. communis have been
widely used in traditional medicine such as abdominal disorders,
arthritis, backache, muscle aches, bilharziasis, chronic backache and
sciatica, chronic headache, constipation, expulsion of placenta,
gallbladder pain, period pain, menstrual cramps, rheumatism,
sleeplessness, and insomnia.
Skin Benefits  (studies)
   * Can bring redness down
   * Can destroy harmful free radicals
   * Can help with fungal acne
   * May reduce eczema patches
   * Due to the high percentage of omega fats, Castor oil transforms
into high quality emollient for extremely dry or damaged skin
   *Antibacterial & anti-fungal (a few reports suggest that fungal
acne had responded to Castor oil treatment.
   * Studies show that fungal infections showed good response rates with
Castor oil treatment.
   * Few other isolated studies indicate that melasma, dandruff and
ringworm all responded positively to Castor oil treatment.
   * Hair follicle restoration benefits
   * Chronic skin disease aid
So my hunch was right. We learn something every day. We are all life
long students. I really found it enlightening to research this
marvelous healing oil given to us by Mother Nature. How many beautiful
gifts we are blessed with. I do love botanical science.
Of course, in order to fully understand this marvel of Nature, we do
require more in-depth long term studies, but the current data and
studies that do exist, show future promise of bringing this important
botanical to light, perhaps even warranting further clinical trials.
Dr. Ansul Khan
MD/MSc Dermatology & Global Skin Science Researcher
Guest Writer

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